So happy to have you here! Please feel free to look me up on any of these social media pages.
Let me know you found me through my blog and I would love to follow you back!

I love Instagram (let's be honest, who doesn't!?). I use this more than I use facebook and pretty much any other site. I love meeting new fashion/lifestyle blogging friends, although I'm guilty of not following back if your profile is private. So leave me a note and let me know you are a fellow blogger, and let's make a lifelong virtual friendship (heh!)

I've had Twitter for years now and just recently got back into using it. I don't do much interacting on here except to express some random thoughts/non-instagram worthy things, but follow back as long as you aren't using graphic images/nudity/violence. You might even find some of the things I have to say funny/witty/charming/cute!

I like tumblr. Mostly because it's an easy link up for most of my posts on other social media. It's fun though, but again, not interested in following back anything thats considered pornographic/violent. This is an easy way to see a collection of my photos posted on various social media mages (as well as viewing my twitter page)

I enjoy Lookbook. I've met some pretty interesting/cool people who's photos I always enjoy seeing. I love that you can hashtag on this page, so it makes viewing other people photos of the brands/items you like super easy!

The easiest way (at least I think) to follow my blog. As you can read in my friend Jessica (at ThePyreflies blog), she points out ways that makes bloglovin' more fun and friendly. 

My Fashom:
My second favorite fashion sharing outlet. Many of my Instagram fashion friends I actually met through this fashion platform. My only con is that it seems to take a couple of days for your photos to get posted and seen. I'm totally okay with that though as I have a short attention span and tend to forget about having posted a look for a couple of days anyway! 

Another fashion photo sharing site with lots of friendly people!

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