Wednesday, December 10, 2014

LBD and a HS Reunion

So guess what? I'm old! Okay, well I'm actually not old old, but I feel old as I attended my 10 year high school reunion over my Thanksgiving holiday. 10 years since high school, wow! I feel like so much has changed/not changed since then. Before showing you the photos from my reunion and the adorable dress I decided to wear, I thought we would take a trip down memory lane. Enjoy!

Flashback: 2000-2004
 Two of my closest gal pals (Cori and Mindy) growing up. Seriously, we were inseparable.

 The day of my graduation, with my close friend Ashley.

 My "soul sister", Mindy.

 Senior prom. Wasn't my date dreamy!? My mom thought so!

 Two of my closest guy friends; Alfredo and Paul.

 I still close my eyes in pictures, ha! Some things never change!

 Mindy's Sweet 16 birthday party. 

 Junior cotillion. (Poor Alfredo lost his hair a few years later!)

 Okay so technicallllyyy we were out of high school when we took this photo. This was the day before I left for college.

Sophomore Ring Dance. Man, I loved that dress! I wish I knew what happened to it!

Wish I had more to share but at the same time, I'm grateful I don't. Back in my day, (hahaha that sounds hilarious saying so I'm saying it anyways) we actually took our photos to get developed so most of my pictures (well, all of them actually) are at my parents house in albums and boxes, so these were the ones I was able to pull of facebook. Perhaps I'll treat you to some throwback photos in the future.. :)

Present day:
Okay, so I was pretty hesitant about going to our reunion. I attended our 5 year reunion back in 2009, but had stayed only about an hour, so I was nervous about what to expect. All week my girlfriend Jackie and I had been texting back and forth "Should we go?" "No, we shouldn't go", "Wait, if we go, can we dress up just like Romy and Michele did for their 10 year reunion?" "Maybe we should just stay home and drink wine and relax". A lot of texts like this were exchanged. So to ease both of our nerves, we did what any pair of gal pals would do in our situation, we got together beforehand and snacked on apps and drank some wine. It was just what we needed!
Luckily, my parents house was right down the road from the restaurant where the reunion was held, so my amazing mother was able to drop us off (Thanks Ma!). This worked out perfectly so neither of us had to worry about drinking and driving. 
I won't babble on much longer, except to say that I am so happy I went. We had a blast, and enjoy the photos!

 The only two reunion photos I took are the one above, and the one below. With a DD andddd an open bar, I wasn't going to risk losing my DSLR. 
Outfit Details: Dress: Monteau | Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Belt: Forever 21

 Me and Jackie, posed with our props! Thanks for taking (almost) all of the following pics below, gf!

 Reunited and it feels so good! (Me, Paul and Jackie)

 I don't think I stopped moving all night, thus my blurry face!

So that's all there really is to share. Sorry for the iPhone quality of some of the photos, they were stolen from friends who were smart enough to remember to snap some photos (my cell phone stayed in my bag all night as I tend to lose things!). I also have to point out that every single person that went to the reunion looked fabulous, and even those who only went to the after party also looked good! (I swear they laced our water fountains with some sort of youth elixir or something!)

Have any of you been to any high school/college reunions? Was it strange/awesome all at the time time as mine was? I'm interested in hearing your thoughts/experiences!

Hope you all have a great week. Posting will be minimal as it has been these past couple weeks, so I apologize! (I am in the middle of my final exams and my focus has mainly been on making sure I ace them). But check back Friday for a long overdue  segment of Friday Favorites, and be sure to check this blog out on Instagram for (somewhat) more frequent posting (like I said.. finals..yuck..) (@amandaplease). You can also click the Media tab at the top of the page if you want to know where else to find me! Happy almost weekend!
Xo Amanda


  1. You haven't changed too much from high school! I'm glad you ended up going to the reunion. Looks like you had so much fun! I have to admit, I'm not too excited about attending my 10-year reunion in a few years. I don't know, there's just something about not wanting to revisit that time in my life, haha. But time sure does fly! I love your outfit in the pictures :-) Good luck on your final exams!!! <3

    xo, Serli

    1. Thanks Serli! I would definitely encourage you to go, it was a bit strange but I definitely had fun. Plus you are just the cutest so you definitely have to go and show off! Xx

  2. Everyone looks so good and you look exactly the same... still very pretty! I have to say that you remind me of my sister in your old photographs... her fashion style was a lot like yours!

    My 10 year HS reunion isn't until 2021... I really want to go to it! :D


    1. You should DEFINITELY go to it! I'm so glad I went to mine, I actually had a really nice time and connected with some people that I just never had the chance to get to know in high school :) (and your sister and I must have been kindred spirits, you'll have to share some pics sometime!) <3

  3. oh wow you haven't changed at all!! So pretty..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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