Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Misc. Post: Wedding Weekend (10/3 - 10/6)

What a hectic past few weeks it has been. First I was sick, then my boyfriends sister got married, and then I had midterms. And now I am home at my parents house on vacation for the next week with a potentially sprained ankle. Great! But luckily my mom saved my dad's walker from when he had a spinal fusion last year, so I've been using that to get around the house.
Now that I have some free time to literally sit and do nothing, I thought I would share some of the photos from my boyfriends sisters wedding in the Poconos.

Here are some photos of the resort.

Friday was a pretty hectic day and we did not make it up there until after 9, so we met his family at Mt. Airy casino where we ran the Blackjack table. (I'm getting pretty good at this gambling thing, not that I do it often!)
Saturday was pretty low key. Adam needed to get his hair cut, and we wanted to explore the area a bit, so we hit the road and did just that! What was pretty strange is that the area where we were staying was close to where this fugitive is believed to be hiding out. (Here is an article in case you are not aware of the giant manhunt going on in Pennsylvania). They had wanted posters in most of the shops we entered, and we must have seen half a dozen news vans while out.

Here we are out to lunch. We've become big fans of ordering lots of appetizers instead of investing in just one single entree. And I got this fall beer sampling to top if all off. Adam had a Sam Adams, but also helped me work on my drinks as well, as I have become quite the light-weight.
Outfit Details: Shirt | Mandees. Pants (not pictured) | Free People. Yellow Jacket | Daisy Fuentes
The samples were Woodchuck Pumpkin Cider, Goose Island Oktoberfest, Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat and Troegs Master of Pumpkins.

Saturday night was the rehearsal dinner, and me being who I am packed about 6 dress options for the weekend. I decided to go with a black and sheer dress, and had picked up a pair of tights earlier in the day as the temperature really seemed to drop!
 Outfit Details: Dress | Monteau (via. TJ Maxx). Wedges | Will have to check, sorry!

We had a delicious buffet dinner followed by s'mores around the campfire. After the campfire, we went back to the house to change and then headed back to the casino for round two, where I decided to sit out and just watch everyone else gamble.

Sunday was the big day. I went back and forth between two difference dresses to wear, and decided to go with my blue Banana Republic dress. Unfortunately this was before I got my awesome new Canon Rebel, so all photos are that awful iPhone quality!
Adam and his mom walking down the aisle.
 Adams two younger brothers, Jared and Colin
 Here comes the bride!
They are married! Mr. and Mrs. McQueen!

Here are a few other photos from the night!
What a fun night with lots of dancing. Did I mention that Adam's sister and dad had a lip sync battle? Once I figure out how to save the video and then upload it on here, I will do so! Following the reception, there was a big bonfire once again with s'mores and music and lots of laughs!

Check-out was at 11am on Monday, and in an attempt to save some time and also sleep a bit longer, I decided to throw on a shower cap so I didn't have to dry and straighten my hair (so I apologize that it looks awful in the following pictures). After we left the house we headed over to the resort to meet up with Adam's sister and now husband. Here are some photos from the resorts observatory tower and outdoor patio.
 Jared, Mrs. Roberts and Adam
And alas, my lunch, a lobster burger.

All in all it was a great weekend, and I could have slept through the entire next week had I not had midterms. 
Xo Amanda

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  1. What a fun weekend! The bride looks gorgeous! I really love your last outfit... that panda headband is SO CUTE!! Do you remember where you bought it?


    1. I do! I got it from Charlotte Russe maybe 2 seasons ago? Although I think I remember seeing it last season too. They had a bunch of different bears, all really cute. I got my mom one too!

  2. OMG a Lobster Burger??? This exists?? Lordie save me!

    Sounds like a fun weekend - love a good wedding!

    1. It was SO good that I ditched the bun so I could eat the whole thing with no regrets! It was from a Guy Fieri restaurant, not that I think it makes it any better, but it sure was delicious!

  3. Good post!


  4. You look stunning in the dresses, and you also look like a twin to my childhood friend! so lovely! I hope you are able to relax now, that is a lot to take in and do, wow! Rachel xo (following you on IG too). Also I wanted to invite you to my link up that went live today. I will feature my favorite 5 next week, like I did today from the past link up. So hope you can come by. Rachel xo

    1. Haha you have no idea how many times I get that I look like someone! Must be that kind, familiar face! And I think that sounds like a great idea as well! Been keeping up with your blog, what a great way to get to know some other blogs/bloggers. I will stop over your page when I'm finished here. And I'm glad you liked the outfits! <3

  5. Aw this sounds like such a fun weekend! (Good thing your ankle wasn't sprained for it, hoping you recover soon from that!) I love the dress you wore to the rehearsal dinner, it's super classy and really flattering. And also the dress you wore to the wedding! You and your boyfriend are such a cute couple. The bride looked beautiful at the wedding, I think outdoor weddings are so pretty :). Ooh, and that lobster burger! If only my boyfriend knew something like that existed... we'd be on our way to the closest place that has it, lol. He got me to love seafood when we first started dating almost 5 years ago, and now I can't imagine how I ever lived without sushi or lobster in my life. Anyway, hope your midterms went well too! Loving all your outfit posts!!!

    xo, Serli

    1. The lobster burger was just to die for! It was delicious!! And the bride for sure stole the show. I always tease my boyfriend about how his sister got all the good looks and he got none (is that mean? lol). It was for sure a beautiful outside wedding, a wee bit too chilly for my liking though so we moved indoors not too far along into the cocktail hour (made sure to get in my fix of appetizers. So much shrimp, raw oysters, brie, veggies, and just a ton of stuff!- I definitely ate WAY too many apps!). And it also got some gears turning in my head for when I get married. I love the idea of a somewhat close "destination wedding". I think most people came from no less than 5 hours away which was nice, and the resort had so much to offer! It was perfect! Midterms went well I think too, but fingers crossed!
      <3 Thanks for stopping by! Your comments always put a smile on my face XOXO


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