Monday, September 1, 2014

My Latest Haul: LDW

Labor Day weekend has the BEST sales, don't you all agree? I live near some really cute boutiques, so I wanted to take full advantage of all the sales that were going on. I managed to find what I could online, as those photos are much better than what I take with my iPhone. Hope you enjoy!

This dress is by Poppy Lux, and after spending a pretty good amount of time browsing through their website, they might be one of my new favorite brands (seriously, check out some of their stuff!). This dress is my favorite find of the weekend though. The whole front is made up of sequins that are all individually painted to form a gorgeous floral print. I was worried about the size being too small, but I tend to forget that I lost 30 lbs when I went through some major health issues earlier this year. The dress fit nicely, and I'm even thinking I can pair it with a fun patent orange or white belt.

These shoes here were also found at one of the local boutiques, but lucky for you I found them on! (So just click the link!) 

These neon pink shorts by Ocean Drive were another favorite find. This photo doesn't do justice with how bright they are. I tried on the purple and green as well, and just wasn't as crazy about them. I am a total girly girl though, so pink usually wins.

I actually own this dress in another print as well, and am so pleased with the fit, and more importantly, how I feel in it, that I couldn't pass up on this bright, aztec-like print. 
(See photo below for the Anchor print version of this dress)

Finally, I picked up these few cute pieces of jewelry. I don't know who makes any of them so I apologize, they were sold in a small boutique called Groovy Girlz though, if that is able to give you and leads for purchasing.

What were some of your LDW purchases? Was there something special you saw that you just couldn't pass up? What holidays do you think offer the best sales?

Hope you all had a great weekend, I can't wait to wear all of these purchases and post photos for you to see! In the meantime, follow this blog on Instagram (@Amandaplease)

Xo Amanda


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    1. Sure, thank you! And I'm glad you like my blog! I'm not sure what GFC is though, but I'll see if I can figure it out! Can't wait to come see your page! Xo


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