Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tilly Style Tuesdays : Trend Alert

Happy Tuesday, ermm, Wednesday, y'all. I totally was thrown off today, and while the beautiful Thy and Lilly sent me their weekly post on time, I totally spaced as today was the second episode of Sons Of Anarchy (yowzaaa Charlie Hunnam (Trending:ALWAYS)), and also the premier of The New Girl (total gaga for Zooey Deschanel and She&Him), I just didn't have time to post this until now (12:45 ETZ). But the lovely ladies of Tillystyle deliver once again, as always, another amazing post reviewing some of their favorite trends of the season. So enjoy y'all!

Shorts | Forever21   Grey Shirt | Abercrombie & Fitch
Trend Alert:  High-Waisted Shorts, Crop Tops, & Kimonos Oh My!
Whether they are destroyed, tie-dyed, patched up, or bedazzled, high-waisted shorts are number one on our trend alert!  They come in so many different styles and colors that you'll be sure to find the perfect pair.  We guarantee everywhere you turn this season, the mall, on campus, at parties, you will spot at least one person sporting these shorts.  They are extremely versatile because you can easily dress them up by wearing a belt and wedges, or down them with a pair of converse.  Lilly loves to dress these high-waisted, destroyed denim shorts casually.  All she did for this comfortable look was add Birkenstocks, a leather belt, and threw on a couple bracelets for class and a lunch date, then switched into a hat and converse for a fun-filled baseball game.

Another trend that is in style right now is the classic crop top! Just like high-waisted shorts, they come in all different colors, styles and patterns! They’re popular whether it’s a lace one, a solid one, a graphic one, a colorful – it all depends on what your style says about you. There are countless ways you can style crop tops: with regular and/or high-waisted shorts, with a skirt, with a pair of comfortable harem pants, a maxi skirt or anything else you can think of! Crop tops are one easy choice because you can dress them up or down and wear them all around town. Thy loves to dress it up with a skirt and a necklace or just be cute by adding a scarf and some cute shorts.
Shorts/Scarf/Lace Crop Top | Nordstrom’s
Graphic Top | H&M,   Skirt | Tobi,  Necklace | Gift from sorority sister
 Kimono | Abercrombie & Fitch   White Dress & Sandals | TJ Maxx

Frilly, transparent, patterned kimonos slide into number three on our trend alert!  They are flirty, romantic, and an easy way to add a pop of color into any outfit. 

Kimono | Kimono | Charlotte Russe,  Top | Forever 21,  Shorts | Q Russe,  Top | Forever 21,  Shorts | Q 

Let’s face it - kimonos are so in right now. I see them every single day walking around. Thy is obsessed with this look and needs more kimonos in her life. You can easily drape it over your outfit for a look that’s more fun and adds a blast of style into it. It’s easy to wear with anything – a casual outfit, a skirt or even a dress! It’s one of the best investments ever.

Hope you all enjoyed this weekly segment from the gals at TillyStyle
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