Friday, July 18, 2014

Hey all! Welcome to my blog!

Welcome blogger friends!
In the hectic world of nursing, it's a great deal to get to wear actual people clothes, so this is an outlet where I can kick back, relax and share some of my favorite outfits when I am sans scrubs. I will also be sharing some food and lifestyle tips along with an occasional DIY post! I look forward to hearing from all my readers how they like to dress outside of work, and hope you will share some of your favorite looks with me as well.
In case you were sitting there wondering "Who the heck is this girl?", I thought I would share a little bit of information about myself: 
My name is Amanda. I am an LPN who lives and works in the United States, and I absolutely love working as a nurse. I graduated as Valedictorian from my LPN program and had to give a speech in front of all students, staff and family, which was a huge obstacle I overcame given that I have an enormous fear of public speaking. Starting at the end of August, I am back in school full time to get my BSN @Villanova University (Gooo Wildcats!).

I enjoy the fact that I can be utterly and totally bizarre. 
I often hear "OMG Amanda, you're so embarassing!"
I am quite clumsy and am constantly falling down AND up the stairs.
I snort when I laugh too hard.
I also don't know my left from my right. I always have to double check myself.

I hate being a couch potato. I enjoy actually going out and doing stuff! 
Top left- Snowboarding in upstate NY (Whiteface Mountain)
Top right: Hiking in Pennsyvania
Bottom left: At a shooting range in CT
Bottom middle: Hiking in the Grand Canyon
Bottom right: Exploring Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

I love halloween and all things related!
(My birthday is October 26th- so how could I not love this holiday?)
Top left: Hipster Snow White "I had an Apple before Steve Jobs"
Top right: A homemade owl costume, except I am sans my owl glasses.
Bottom left: 80's baby.
Bottom middle: Dorothy. My mom sewed this costume and custom made my red glitter shoes.
Bottom right: I always have a halloween themed birthday dinner, these were place settings one year.

I love going to baseball games (NY Mets). Top left: Touching Shea Stadium's home plate.
I enjoy street art, and after 10 years of dorking out over his work, I finally got to see some of Banksy's stuff in person. (Top right)
I also enjoy sightseeing (^Liberty Bell), going to museums, and sewing!

I have an amazing support system of friends, who I know would be there in the drop of a dime, and vice versa. 

I also LOVE to bake. 
I've been called Amanda Stewart in the past because I am a pretty creative baker (and crafter as well!). 

I like to cook as well, although my dishes are quite limited. 
Above is homemade ravioli I made for my family. YUM!

I have two brothers and they are my best friends. Seriously, these two rock!

I will slowly be adding to this page as I have some more free time. But lots of love to you all! Bear with me as I get this site up and running, I am quite new to the world of blogging.


Feel free to follow me on instagram. @Amandaplease

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