Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fashion tip: A little bit of effort goes a long way!

I was never the type of person to wear pajamas to school, or even sweatpants out of the house- to me it was a cardinal sin! As a child, I even hated wearing pants, until one day I came home from school crying that all the boys could see up my dress while I played on the monkey bars. Even now as I've gotten older, although I'm not as neurotic as I was at age 5, I still try to put in at least some effort regarding how I look before leaving the house. As life can sometimes be unpredictable, so can our days.

I honestly think that every girl should have a few go-to pieces that they can throw on when they have to leave the house in a rush. While originally leaving the house to run errands, some other things came up and I ended up having quite a busy day, which included renting a boat, watching the sun set at my favorite bay bar and biking into town to get drinks. This banana republic dress got me through the day and also the evening, much better than I anticipated. It has a drawstring waist and pockets on both sides (both of which i just love!) and it is just an overall soft and comfortable dress. 

Here are some of my favorite photos throughout the day:

It was super windy on the water.

None of us girls could even tame our hair for a photo op!

Adam and I watching the sunset.

 Kim, myself and Lily

What are some of YOUR go-to pieces when you need to leave the house in a rush? Do you think it takes too much energy to always have to dress up? What are your thoughts and ideas on this topic.

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Hope y'all had a great weekend and hopefully this work week goes by quickly!

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