Sunday, August 31, 2014

Outfit Post: Love your #selfie

Being away from my family has been pretty tough on me, mostly because my mom and I have become so close, so not having her nearby is a strange adjustment (I asked if I could live with her forever, perhaps just in the basement, and sadly, she said no. LOL). So for Labor Day Weekend, I decided I would pack my bags, load up my car, and head for home after my last class on Friday. 

A trip down the shore is never complete without a visit to my favorite winery. This place seriously rocks. Brian is our favorite wine guy, and might possibly be the nicest man I've ever met. Plus on Saturday nights they have live music, cheese platters and open up their crepe bar. (YUM!) 

So while here, I decided it would be a great opportunity to snap some photos, and show off some of my recent purchases.
Outfit details: Shirt-Sugar High brand from JC Penny. Skort: Bar lll from Macys. Necklace: Coach

Flower bracelet: Vintage. Love bracelet: BCBG (Similar). Ring: Dollie Links

A photo shoot is not complete without a selfie!

Hope everyone stateside is having a safe and happy LDW, and those outside the states, wishing you a safe and healthy weekend as well!
Hope you are all taking advantage of the holiday sales!! 

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the yellow tank!
    xo, Jane

    1. Thank you so much!! Loved your LDW sales post! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow,your blog is amazing! :)
    It's my fav. Kisses
    This outfit is beautiful :-)

    Meybe you like my blog too?! Visit
    If u want to follow each other,let me know!

    1. Thank you lovely! We may already be following each other on bloglovin, but I will double check! And I think I just added you on blogspot, so let me know if it worked!
      XO So glad you enjoy my page! Stop back any time!

  3. I love your tank for two reasons, yellow is my favorite color and I love the message on there! (I'm big on positive body image and promoting self-confidence in women against societal standards of beauty - but that's a whole other story for another day ;)). That vintage flower bracelet is to die for. When I saw it I thought, oh my gosh I need to find out where she got that from! My heart sank a little when I saw it was vintage :( haha. Hope you had a lovely Labor Day weekend!

    xo, Serli

    1. If I had more than one of those bracelets I would definitely mail you one! My moms aunt is an antique dealer, so I have all sorts of great vintage jewelry (amongst other things as well). My big thing is bakelite bracelets, and kinda fun retro pieces like that. And I'm right there with you on breaking those standards of beauty that society has somehow made into what should be considered "the norm". I'm not a 5'8" extra small or small body type at all, and I'm okay with it. As women we need to promote positivity and self-worth amongst ourselves and eachother. There was a girl going around once saying some not very nice and not very true things about me and basically just trying to destroy my character and reputation, and to me, I just decided to turn cheek, ignore and take the higher road and make sure that I never made anyone feel the way that she made me feel. Maybe this new Modcloth fashion truth movement will actually turn some tides with women in society (or at least here's hoping!)
      I had an absolutely wonderful weekend (I got to go see my family), and was sad to see it end. Hope yours was equally as enjoyable.
      <3 <3


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