Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tilly Style Tuesdays : Halloween

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What a crazy past couple weeks it has been, not only for myself, but also my friends over at Tillystyle. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had a huge Genetics test today, and also a huge Chemistry test on Friday, so posting has been a bit off the last week as I try and prepare myself. But Thy and Lilly are back (a little later than usual, my apologies!) sharing their awesome halloween styles with us! Enjoy!

October 31, 2014 passed by in a flash! Last night, we both dressed up and went out for Halloween.

Ileana was a zombie nurse for Halloween and the outfit turned out fantastic. She bought a white, long button down from Goodwill and added a red cross for the nurse look. She wore some white knee high socks, strappy black heels and finished off the look with a belt. After doing her bloody make-up, she was definitely the hottest zombie nurse around town.

I went as an alien and improvised the best I could. I wore a metallic silver dress with a chunky necklace and some rhine-stoned flats. I added alien ears and covered my arm with some gorgeous flash tattoos for the outlandish look.

I love how this dress is low cut and has a slit in the front. While I wasn't expecting the white sides when it came in the mail, it still gave the costume the outer space effect. I ended up loving the way the costume turned out and regret nothing.
Ileana: Top - Goodwill | Bandeau - Ross | Socks - Urban Outfitters | Shoes - Ross
Thy: Dress - Charlotte Russe | Necklace - Charlotte Russe | Metallic Tattoos - Forever 21 (from a sorority sister) | Alien ears - Party City

Hope you all had a scary wicked Halloween!
Tilly <3

Thanks again for sharing your great halloween styles! (Oh, to be 21 and in college!) My halloween was spent on the couch with a bottle of wine and some scary movies. I had originally made some plans to see some friends and their baby, but a busy day got the best of me and I had no motivation to do anything. (We need those kinda nights sometimes, right!?)
I would love to hear what exciting things you all did for halloween and if/what you dressed up as!

Also, have been nominated by the lovely Dana over at Curly Hair & High Heels for the Liebster Award, so I promise to do a post this weekend once I get through all of my tests. Thanks for the nomination Dana!!

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XOXOXO Amanda <3


  1. They look awesome!! I hate when the day gets the best of me and my motivation level goes to zero! Worst feeling ever but sometimes we just gotta stay in, sleep and be lazy ;)


    1. Yes I can definitely do lazy some days. Not all, because I like being busy, but some hehe! <3

  2. Hehe looked awesome like the Halloween outfit

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Thanks! I think the girls both looked fabulous! :-)

  3. Wow! love both of your outfits! Especially those flesh tattoos!!!!!!!!

    Seriously love your blog, and couldn't help but follow it!

    Would you like to check out my blog and perhaps follow back? :)

    XOXO ~HaeMin

    1. I am following! Completely behind in any blogging because I have been so ridiculously busy, but as soon as I get a chance I'll stop by your page! Thanks for visiting, glad you like it!


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