Friday, November 14, 2014

Tilly Style: Thy's Fall Favorites

Weekly segment from two young and fabulous fashion bloggers from Arizona, USA. Be sure to check out their website for more fashion fun! You can find them here at TillyStyle!

I apologize that my posting schedule has been a bit off these past couple weeks. Not only have I been completely swamped with work, my friends over at TillyStyle have also been under the weather, so we apologize! As both the girls and I are getting closer to our final exams, posting may continue to be a bit wacky, so bear with us here!

The girls are back again this week though, and as I embrace the cold winter chill here in Pennsylvania, they are just entering their fall season out in Arizona. So here they are to share some favorite fall outfits with you all (as I sit under my heating blanket dreaming of warmer weather!)

Favorite Fall Outfits!

It’s the start of fall and I would like to share some of my favorite outfits so far this season.

My first favorite outfit is this striped peplum with a statement necklace, these vintage denim shorts, and a black blazer. Blazers make the perfect cover-up accessory, especially when it gets cold in the fall.

Blazer – Love Culture
Top – Nordstrom’s Rack
Necklace-Divaz Boutique
Shorts – Online boutique

This next outfit is one that I’m in love with as well! This draped teal top with a mesh neckline, simple gold arrow necklace, gray cardigan and shorts are perfect for fall in Arizona. 
I could go on and on about this but these fall trends got me feeling fabulous every day! 

Top – Nordstrom’s Rack
Cardigan – H&M
Necklace – Urban Outfitters
Shorts – Forever 21

This is definitely one of my favorites of ALL TIME. This simple black body con dress looks amazing with this kimono. This cream fringed lace kimono is absolutely gorgeous and everything I’ve ever wanted in life. It’s the perfect kimono for fall and the rosegold necklace and tan combat boots make this entire look to die for.

Dress – Nordstrom Rack
Kimono – Target
Necklace – Fashion Q
Boots – Forever 21

This is another fall outfit that I’m obsessed with. As you can see, my main to-go shoes are these beautiful tan combat boots. This chambray denim top is wonderful for fall because of its lightweight material and matches with everything you could ever imagine. 
The striped top is neutral but the pattern of it is simple and perfect. These lace shorts are perfect and I don’t want to stop wearing them ever. I added a simple gold bar necklace to complete this look. 

Top – Nordstrom’s Rack
Denim shirt – Forever 21
Shorts – Forever 21
Necklace – Forever 21
Boots – Forever 21

I have tons of other fall looks that I’m trying and currently obsessed with but please check my blog for the remainder of them! Thank you all for reading this ☺ Visit us at

Thanks again Thy and Lilly! And feel free to click any of the links below to see what other fun things the girls have shared with us! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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      1. Thank you! Thy looks so cute and comfy in her outfits! Makes me miss warmer weather!

    2. cute outfits, I love the first one! definitely something i could see myself wearing :)


      1. I know, right? I love me a good blazer, that's for sure! :) :)

    3. Replies
      1. Thanks! And I agree, the kimono is too cute! Makes me want to pick one up for myself! Glad you stopped by!

    4. Nice outfits! Definitely looking for some good combat boots to invest in as well. :)

    5. Good luck with your final exams that are looming! :) These favourite fall looks are brilliant and especially the embroidered sheer white longline cardigan featured in the third photo. Here in the UK, this is all definite summerwear as autumn sees us drenched in rain and temperatures never higher than 11oC, neverthelesss I can still appreciate these and live vicariously through TillyStyle! ;) haha

      Have a lovely weekend, Amanda!



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