Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tilly Style Tuesdays: Holiday Date Ideas

Weekly segment from two young and fabulous fashion bloggers from Arizona, USA. Be sure to check out their website for more fashion fun! You can find them here at TillyStyle! They are back again this week to share some of their favorite Holiday Date Ideas. So wherever you may be, whether it be Arizona or elsewhere, you'll be sure to find some inspiration here!

Holiday Date Ideas by Tilly
If you’re looking for some fun holiday date ideas, you came to exactly the right place! Here are a few fun adventures you and your man can go on.
If you’re in Arizona, these holiday attractions look gorgeous and fun. If you’re like me, the only thing I love more than having fun is snapping photos of the moments I have. I am literally obsessed.

1. Go on a dinner date near to a city’s Christmas tree and take a picture under a huge Christmas tree (Mill Avenue, Tempe Marketplace, and so much more)


2. Go out during the day and take holiday-inspired photos as a couple with a professional camera. These can make for perfect Christmas cards.

3. Bundle up, bring a thermos of hot chocolate with you and pay a visit to McCormick Ranch for tons of Christmas lights and a train ride.

4. Looking to see some Christmas lights? Glendale Glitters is the perfect place. 16 blocks of colors, lights and Christmas decorations! What could be better?

5. Take a day trip or weekend trip to Flagstaff and have a snow day with your man.

6. Pay a visit to the Phoenix zoo for the Zoolights attraction! If you like animals, lights and Christmas, then this is absolutely perfect for you and your date. Don’t forget to watch the light show on the water!

7. This is Arizona and most of us are probably thinking…”What is snow?” The sun is always up and there’s not much of a chance to see snow. The next best alternative is the nightly snowfall attraction at Desert Ridge or Tempe Marketplace. Go check it out! It’s something I want to see this year for sure.

8. Another fun attraction during the holiday season is Golfland’s Winter Wonderland. While this is another attraction I have yet to visit, it’s on my list.

9. 3D Paintscaping at Kierland-gorgeous lights and tons of fabulous sights. Definitely worth going!

10. If you’re looking for something less flashy, you can never go wrong with cozying up with your man and watching Christmas movies while drinking some hot cocoa. Another fun idea is going to the ice skating rink and showing off your skills.

I hope you all have fun this Christmas and I hope this helped a little! <3

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    Xo Amanda

    1. These are all great ideas, my town has a huge Christmas tree that I am excited to go see with my husband! I love all the pretty lights that are all around town :)


      1. !! You will definitely have to go to the tree and then take lots of pictures so I can see! <3

    2. Replies
      1. Thanks Candice! I am so behind on my blog reading as I have so many tests and then finals in 2 weeks on top of that, but I'll binge read once all of that is done! I try and check in every now and then but I hope all is well with ya!

    3. wow these are all so beautiful.

      1. Aww thank you Imogen! Hope you were able to find some holiday inspiration! :)

    4. Now I want to make a trip out to Arizona just to do these! Saving this for the future! Haha :).

      xo, Serli

      1. I know, right? I was out there a few years ago visiting an old family I used to babysit for and it's just gorgeous! I will def be planning a trip back (Perhaps on my World's Largest road trip that's in the works when I finish school. Just always had a desire to see the World's largest spoon, largest shoe, etc!) Hope you're all ready for your finals! Xo

    5. Lovely festive ideas! I love the train ride and zoo idea the best! Sounds like so much fun!


      1. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca. I'm so glad you enjoy! Xo


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